About Darwinism

sunumThere is an ideological foundation underlying all the wars, strife, chaos and conflict of the 20th century and the hatred and enmity incited among human beings. That ideology has totally ignored such virtues representing the essence of religious moral values as solidarity, altruism, protecting the poor and weak and regarding all human beings as equal. Instead, it propagated the lie that life is a battleground, that it is legitimate for the weak, the poor, or anyone regarded as a supposed “inferior race” to be oppressed or even annihilated, that the “fittest” will survive while others are eliminated in that merciless struggle, and that this is how mankind will “progress.” The basis of that ideology is Darwin’s theory of evolution.

With his theory of evolution, Charles Darwin sought to apply this philosophy of selfishness to the natural sciences. Ignoring the examples of solidarity and cooperation created by God in nature, he maintained that all living things were engaged in a ruthless struggle for survival. On the basis of no scientific evidence whatsoever, he even claimed that this same ruthlessness applied to human societies. When his theory of evolution was applied to human society, social Darwinism appeared on the scene.

Some people suggest that Social Darwinism was born in the second half of the 19th century and lost its influence during the second half of the 20th. But this theory has had far more permanent and damaging adverse effects. A twisted world view, in complete contradiction to religious moral values, has spread, alleging that life is a “struggle for survival,” and that people need to compete in order to succeed in that struggle, or at the very least to survive. New lifestyles emerged that were the source of totalitarian and bloody ideologies like communism and fascism, ferocious capitalism that ignores social justice; racism, ethnic conflicts, moral degeneration, and many more disasters that inflicted catastrophes on humanity.

All of a sudden, Social Darwinism imparted an alleged scientific validity to existing evils, ruthless policies and practices. Adopting that trend, which lacks any scientific basis whatsoever, many people failed to live by religious moral values and began to regard ruthlessness, savagery and cruelty as unexceptional. They ignored the fact that religious moral values require virtues such as compassion, affection, understanding, self-sacrifice, solidarity and mutual support between individuals and societies. Perpetrators claimed a scientific foundation to their cruelty, and that therefore, the savagery they inflicted could be regarded as justified. These false claims and suppositions were of course a terrible deception.